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أين أنت في هذا الوجود؟!
كم مِن أُمَمٍ تحتفل بعيدك، وقد وضعت نير العبودية على أمم وأمم!
وكم من قـوم نصبوا لك التماثيل في الأرض، وقـد هدموك في القلـوب والعقول والنّفوس!

إن استعرت أجنحة الفجر وطرت، وسكنت في أقصى أطراف البحر، فهناك أيضا يدك تهديني ويمناك تمسكني

By Adnan Mouhiddin

The “Palestinian Struggle” is why we have poor economies, uncontrollable army generals and corruption. So, why not hide behind the “Palestinian Struggle” when His Highness, His Excellency or His Presidency visit Europe or America to treat his prostates?

By Adnan Mouhiddin
The accuracy of this statement is self-evident in the life and practice of religious people. Once institutionalized, faith becomes religion and the latter turns into an oppressive tool either intentionally or unintentionally. Like totalitarian dogmas and ideologies, religions throughout history repressed the humankind and manipulated their congregations mentally, emotionally and sometimes physically.