My name is Adnan Mouhiddin. I am a PhD researcher at the University of Surrey, undertaking a funded research on community solutions to youth offending in Syria, my home country. My research explores whether the Syrian community can take on a role which can rehabilitate young peopled and prevent them from engaging in crime. It examines what the community can do to keep Syrian youth away from the revolving doors of the judicial system and its agencies. It aims to explore the kinds of preventive methods which could prevent them from committing crime at first place, taking in consideration the social, behavioural, and mental defects they acquired during the war.
I am a board member at Syria Legal Network. I hold an LLB International Law degree and an MSc in Criminology, Criminal Justice and Social Research with Distinction. Prior to continuing my research on crime and community in Syria at doctoral level, I worked as a consultant researcher for ‘Transparency International Defence and Security’ in the UK, whereby I assessed corruption in the defence and security sector in Egypt and Syria and developed and delivered training and teaching materials on security sector reform for Syrian civilians. Previously, I worked as a consultant for the European Centre for Law and Justice where I provided advisory opinion and research on matters related to the religious liberty and the human rights of the ethnical and religious minorities in the Middle East and North Africa. I am a qualified Restorative Justice associate practitioner and a panel member with Camden Youth Offending Service (YOS) in London. In my role, I work with other panel members and the YOS workers to devise individual and creative programmes of work to address young people’s offending behaviour and enable them to amend the harm they caused through subscribing to the principles of restorative justice. I also facilitate the progress meetings of young people to recognise their achievements and areas for further work.
Although the immediate relevance of my PhD research is to Syria, my academic and professional vision and aspiration is to empower war-wrecked communities to assume their important role in bringing hope to the devastated youth and provide the delinquent juveniles with alternatives to the route of offending.

Please feel free to contact me on: or on Linkedin

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