The Political Left in Europe: When Galloway and Griffin Sound Alike

By Adnan Mouhiddin
While observing the policy of the British political parties and their approach to the Arab-Israeli Conflict and the Arab Spring, I find the position of some parties such as the British National Party (extreme right) and other Lefty groups quite identical. I always wondered what makes a worn-out faithful servant to the Middle Eastern dictators such as Gorge Galloway (left), speaks with the same tune and language of Nick Griffin (extreme rights) when it comes to the Middle Eastern politics and affairs. This also applies to other European countries such as Italy, France, and Greece. In the case of France, the positions of the Communist party and France’s National Front are identical when it comes to the Middle East.

Media has been reporting the sweeping protests across the European Capitals against what is happening in Gaza. The crowd in its majority could be observed as belonging to the political Left. I can’t help but wonder what is their motivation when they participate in these demonstrations. Is it refusing war? There is a list of on-going armed conflicts across the globe today. I could hardly remember any protest against such wars, even though causalities are at larger scale than the one in Gaza. I wonder why anti-war activists are silent in relation to other armed conflicts yet eloquent when it comes to Gaza. Is it the Muslims suffering? I have some news for the anti-war activists. Muslims in both Burma and Central Africa are slaughtered and persecuted on daily basis. I suppose that they deserve a protest too. 

So what is the motivation? Is it the causalities and oppression? In August 2013, Bashar Al-Assad, the Syrian president massacred 1500 Syrian, using chemical weapons against them. Where was your anger back then? Not only that, but when the international community was prepared to punish the dictator, anti-war activists, the Left and the extreme right showed their firm objection even for limited airstrikes, targeting the killing machine of the Syrian regime. The Anti-War Movement in Britain was capable of mobilising massive protests against bombarding the Syrian regime following his use of the chemical weapons against his people in August 2013. Yet, the same Movement did not organise one single event or protest to point out at Assad crimes against his people or to show condemnation of the on-going war in Syria.

So what is the motivation of those participating in the protests against the war on Gaza?

The one answer I have is that because the offender is Jewish. I would like to be enlightened should there be any alternative explanation, considering the silence of European Left when on-going wars, suffering and persecutions in many parts of the world remains unsupported or not protested for.

Unfortunately, the Left todays lacks its authenticity and originality when it comes to the Arab-Israeli conflict. The leaders are quite dogmatics and hypocratic, if I may say, and the following crowd are easily led under the impression of the herd mentality. the crowd of the Left repeat what they are told rather than generating an original thinking that is produced by an independent intellectuality. Herd lefties are easily provoked, easily gathered and easily led and directed. 

This is a very dangerous situation. Let’s not forget that Hitler was a National Socialist. Let us remind ourselves that the Nazi party was born out of the German Worker’s Party. As a matter of a fact, I find it easier to deal with a racist Nazi and/or someone like Nick Griffin, who is clear about himself, than to deal or communicate with a confused European lefty.

Finally, the question remains: why Gaza but not Burma, Syria, Central Africa, South of Sudan, North Korea, Ukraine and Nigeria?

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