We were sinless when we were nude

By Adnan Mouhiddin

I wonder why nudity in this photo, and nude art in general, offends “moral” people. It offends religious people deeply. It offends those claiming to have been raised on solid moral grounds. It offends them as if nudity is a sin and/or immoral behaviour.

543248_368215189908358_867054275_n copy

However, the very same people, preaching values and morals, are indifferent when they see a nudity of other kind. The nudity in the photo below is non of their business. They might stop for a moment at the photo, show some sympathy and move on. It does not, however, create controversy similar to the one occurring by the photo above. What is important though is that the nudity in this photo (below) is not a sin resulting from exposing a nude body that tempts another human being into sinful sexual desires.


Famine Victim in Sundan – 1993

By the way, were not Adam and Eve naked in Eden garden before the fall when they were sinless?

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