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By Adnan Mouhiddin

when the Syrian government attempted to revoke article 548 of The Syrian Penal Code of 1949 in 2009, which had been used as a leverage to acquit males committing ‘honour killings’, the Syrian society strongly objected and consequently the government yielded to the public pressure by amending the Article in question rather than abolishing it all together.

عندما مات عام 1928 شارك في جنازته 50 ألف مسلم دمشقي من بينهم عدد كبير من شيوخ المسلمين، وقيل إن المسلمين أرادوا الصلاة عليه في الجامع الأموي الكبير لقرب مناقبه من الإسلام حتى أن الكثيرين أسموه محمد “غريغوريوس” و”أبو الفقراء والمسلمين،” إنه البطريرك غريغو ريوس حداد الذي كان شخصية إنسانية عظيمة وعلى درجة عالية من الوطنية والتسامح، وواحداً من رجالات سوريا الذين عرفوا قيمة الوطن وصانوه ودافعوا عنه وعن أبنائه بالحب والعطاء. علاقته مع الإسلام والمسلمين مثال يحتذى به في التسامح والمحبة.

Dr. Zaher Sahloul

When a seven-year-old student in eastern Aleppo was asked at the peak of the bombardment campaign by the Assad regime in 2015 to draw a picture, he did not draw children playing, nor did he draw a blue sky or a smiling sun. Instead, Ahmad drew helicopters dropping barrel bombs, houses blazing in fire and mutilated dead children in blood. In his drawing, the dead children had smiles on their faces, while those alive were in tears.

By Maanvi Singh

In different cultures, the source of that strength can be very different. That’s the finding in a study published in the journal Child Development. The researchers interviewed Syrian tweens and teens who had been displaced because of war.