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The Syrian Penal Code: Regressive Articles in the “Progressive” State

By Adnan Mouhiddin

when the Syrian government attempted to revoke article 548 of The Syrian Penal Code of 1949 in 2009, which had been used as a leverage to acquit males committing ‘honour killings’, the Syrian society strongly objected and consequently the government yielded to the public pressure by amending the Article in question rather than abolishing it all together.

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Kirstie Brewer: After the crime: why employers should give ex-offenders a working chance

“Employers have a negative picture of what they think of as an ex-offender,” says Dominic Headley, a legal officer at Nacro, a social justice charity that supports people with criminal convictions and offers a free helpline to employers seeking advice on how to deal with employees and criminal records.

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