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The Jews of Aleppo

The abstracts below are from a longer research written by Ms. Sarina Roffé. Please click here for the full report. Sarina is a career journalist and holds masters in Jewish Studies. She is considered an expert in Aleppan Jewry. She is a member of Brooklyn’s Syrian Jewish community and the Jewish Genealogical Society, Inc. of New York.

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Hadrian’s Syrians

Written by Charles O. Cecil

Once a station for soldiers and sentries, the excavated ruins of milecastle 39 now beckon hikers roughly midway along Hadrian’s Wall in Northumberland, England. From the early second century, the east-to-west wall separated Roman Britannia from Pictish tribes in Caledonia (in present-day Scotland) to the north. Not only stones did the work: Up to 8,000 men from all parts of the Roman Empire guarded and maintained the fortification along its 118-kilometer length. They included Syrians, as evidenced in the bilingual inscriptions—in Latin and Palmyrene—at the base of the tombstone found near South Shields, below, a commemoration of 30-year-old Regina, from central Britannia, by her bereaved husband, Barates, from Palmyra.  

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Syria – Government Defence Anti-Corruption 2015

By Adnan Mouhiddin

I conducted this research for ‘Transparency International Defence and Security’. It supplied the ‘Government Defence Anti-Corruption Index 2015’ with assessment and analysis of the corruption risk in the Syrian defence and security establishments in five key risk areas: political, financial, personnel, operations and procurement.

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Dr. Adnan Mouhiddin. Syrian-British Criminologist and Sociologist. LL.B (Hons) in International Law. MS.c in Criminology and Social Research. PGCert in Teaching and Learning. PhD in Youth Offending, Community Crime Prevention, its Legitimacy and Desistance from Crime. Lecturer in Law and Policing at Coventry University. Fellow of Higher Education Academy (UK) Ethics Committee Member at What Works Centre for Children’s Social

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